This is the last of a three-part series celebrating the recently rediscovered “Nashotah House Poems” by the Rev. L.V. Klose. His verse invites readers into the devotional life of the seminary in days past, a devotional life that remains alive and well. They are worth pausing over, even revisiting—especially for students in thrall to the daily tasks and responsibilities of Nashotah’s student life. They are from a time before rock music, Vatican II, and (who knows?) the automobile. The Rev. Klose dedicated these fine poems to the Anglo-Catholic Brotherhood of Nashotah House, and these last three poems are about eucharistic adoration, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and gratitude to God. It is has been a privilege to share them with family and friends of the House in this short series of blogs about “the life of the cloistered brethren.”

A Meditation
(At Vespers to Our Lady)

Whatever be the outward shell
Of earthly femininity,
I perceive within to dwell,
Vested from eternity,
Robed in garments of the soul,
Deep within her heart to dwell
In opulescent majesty,
Like the depths of shaded pool
In the calm of evening cool,
The divine Maternity,
Giving birth to heaven’s good—
The cosmic soul of Womanhood!


“Tantm ergo Sacramentum”—
From the brothers’ lips arise,
Kneeling low before the monstrance,
Where unveiled before their eyes
On the candle-lighted altar
The sacred Host in beauty lies.
Clouds of incense now ascending,
All in adoration bending,
“O salutaris Hostia,”
In unison the words are sung,
“Thou didst give them Bread from heaven,
All sweetness in itself containing,”
Quick in response the brothers come.
Then suddenly on Host appearing,
In a light celestial blue,
O miracle before us clearing,
The face of Christ comes into view!
“Adoremus in aeternum,”—
Every worshiper intent—
“Let us adore Him now and ever
In this most holy Sacrament!”

(Inspired by the painting, “Christ among the Children”)

Sweet Master, unto Thee I come
With every problem, every care,
At Thy feet I sit and Listen
For the silent answer there;
Thou who playest with the children
In a meadow green and fair,
In Thy presence still and silent
I wait upon Thy blessing there;
Sweet assurance always bringing,
Endless Source of comfort springing,
From the Font of Life beginning—
A child of Thine would humbly bear
Lord of Love, His thanks in prayer.

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