Fernando Ortega’s Foreword

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Below is Fernando Ortega’s Foreword for my new book, When Donkeys Talk: Rediscover the Mystery and Wonder of Christianity (Zondervan, 2013). I wrote much of the book while hymning praises to God with Fernando’s music turned up loud. Sharing beautifully of his family and faith, here’s what Fernando has to say about When Donkeys Talk: I would

When Donkeys Talk Endorsements

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Blanski’s work is Anglican popularizing Christendom at its best. —WORLD Magazine Blanski is on a mission to shake up Christianity…his edgy and hip prose breathe new life. —Publishers Weekly Tyler Blanski adores Jesus and downright loves Christianity, the historical kind. He holds his faith up like a flaming torch in the face of scientism and

Dr. Michael Bauman’s Foreword

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Below is Michael Bauman's Foreword for Mud & Poetry: Love, Sex, and the Sacred (Fresh Air Books, 2010). Dr. Bauman was my favorite professor at Hillsdale College. Regarding the use of earthly images, Christian spirituality has been of two minds: negation and affirmation. The first, because of God’s transcendence, stressed the grand dissimilarity between the Creator