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When Jude came back to class He did not talk about the accident. His right arm, severed at the elbow, Would move by reflex, To his embarrassment and ours. He would bend over, half turned, when he stood For the Pledge of Allegiance, girls snickering. But it was always there, his stub of an

O Soulish, Violets in Springtime, Five Fallible Senses

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An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given it... Even if Love squirmed and groped under my laboratory microscope, or so much as blinked in my rearview mirror; even if Grace crawled down my chimney with a toboggan and gifts and reindeer, or came stapled and wrapped

A Dissertation

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Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis1 We are, I am told, evolved2 star powder: The explosion, the exodus, the slow growth— Our anatomy3 is a little cosmology.4 No wonder a firmament5 fills the cerebrum:6 Expanses stretch inside us, aromas,7 Our thinking caps are knit by Mother Reason, Person sets a match to the soma;8 No wonder

Senior Citizens

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When senior citizens start splash ing in pudd les, and hoary old women let down their gray hair; when every old man brandishes his sword and cudgel and takes to bellow ing as he plays or sits in his chair; when every dodder ing one of them gives up on fashion, and all the